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purple betta fish

Purple Betta Fish: Elusive Genetics

As well as enjoying the experience of keeping a betta fish, many keen betta hobbyists enjoy breeding and crossbreeding their specimens to see what colors and forms can be produced. Now, although betta fish come in a huge range of gorgeous colors and with numerous spectacular tail forms, the purple betta fish is something that’s

black betta fish

The Different Types of Black Betta Fish

Betta fish come in a vast range of rainbow colors, including black. If you’re a fan of black bettas, you may be interested to know more about the genetics of these beautiful fish, especially if you’re interested in breeding them. Finding reliable information can be challenging, and there’s a lot of misleading, disjointed data out

Betta fish burrowing

Do Betta Fish Get Bored?: Curing the Betta Blues

It has probably only been a few weeks since that “love at first sight” moment at the pet store. But you can tell by the look in your betta fish’s eye that the honeymoon stage is quickly coming to a close. Now that your betta has successfully claimed the new territory inside of his tank,

how to travel with a betta fish

How To Travel With A Betta Fish The Right Way

As silly as the topic of this article sounds, there may come a time when you need to take your betta fish along with you on a trip farther than from point A to point B in your own home. Traveling with your betta is a nerve-racking situation. Hopefully, after reading this article, at least

how to euthanize a betta fish

How To Euthanize A Betta Fish: Simple, Humane Method

Is your betta fish very sick to the extent that you feel that it is suffering? Keeping fish in an aquarium in your home or office is an exciting venture. You get used to caring for your fish to the extent that you are bonded to it. When your fish falls sick, the first course of action

betta velvet

Betta Velvet: Rust and Gold Dust Disease Treatment

Velvet is one of the most common ailments to affect Bettas. And, it can quickly move through a fish room and infect every fish before you know your fish is even sick. Early discovery and treatment is the key to successful treatment and fish recovery. This disease is also known as Rust or Gold Dust

Betta Colors & Patterns

This page is a reference for common color types and variations of bettas. BF – Butterfly BF – Butterfly This is a patterned fish. Body can be any solid color and then the unpaired fins have two or sometimes three color bands. Typically the body color is in the fins close to the body and

Can Betta Fish Jump?

If you came here asking the question “Can betta fish jump?” because you are thinking about entering your fishy in the next pet Olympics, then… you have to invite me if he/she qualifies. But I’m going to guess that it’s not visions of gold medal grandeur that you are really curious about. None the less,

Do Betta Fish Change Color?

Believe it or not, one of the most popular questions that is asked regarding betta fish is along the lines of “do betta fish change colors?” To many people, the question may sound kind of strange or even a bit absurd. But in all actuality, it’s a really good question! It’s a good question because,

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