New Life Spectrum Betta Formula Review

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Well you found it. I’m not sure how long you have been looking or what other betta fish foods you have dog-eared for later research, but you can officially stop now. Guaranteed you’re going to have a harder than hard time finding a different betta fish specific pellet that is jam packed with nutrition and far fewer filler ingredients than the new life spectrum betta formula pellet food. Go ahead, keep looking. You don’t even know me but can totally go out and try to prove me wrong just for the heck of it. You’re going to end up back here at this pellet.

We all want our betta fish to be happy and healthy, full of life color and vibrance. Choosing the right betta specific food for them is a huge part of what you have to figure out to get them there. This betta formula by new life spectrum is betta food insanity. In an insanely good way. I tell you what, I’m really surprised there is not more people out there that have heard of this betta pellet before. You don’t often see this on pet store shelves. You almost always have to buy it online. I’ve only seen it a handful of times in local brick-and-mortar pet stores. And almost always those pet stores are aquatic centered. Yeah that’s right, fish pros know whats up.

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Measuring in at 1 mm in size, these semi-floating pellets have included in their design, magical yet natural color enhancing ingredients that help your betta fish not only feel healthy and be healthy, but have the color to show off and prove how happy and healthy he really is. As superficial as “color enhancing” may sound to a person that has had betta fish before, you can’t really argue that a colorful betta fish is actually a healthy betta fish. There’s a lot of betta pellets out there that add color enhancers to them that don’t offer any real nutritional benefit. These pelets my friend, are different.

I need another word for high quality. If I don’t find one, this review on the new life spectrum betta food is going to be riddled with the words “high-quality”. This particular brand of betta pellet is made with incredibly high quality (see I used the word “incredibly” there to change it up) ingredients that just so happen to be easily and highly digestible for the betta fish enjoying them. And not just digestible in the sense that the betta can pass it through their system. No, these are highly digestible in the sense that they are also highly absorbable to the betta fish. This is not the equivalent of betta fish fast food. This is real eats people. The bioavailability of the protein content in these betta pellets is, quite honestly, highly unique in the world of betta fish food pellets available.

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New Life Spectrum Betta Ingredients
Exotic delicacies consisting of South Antarctic Krill, herring, squid and mussel protein from genuine New Zealand mussels make up some of the top ingredients in the list on this betta pellet food. Do you notice what all of these top listed ingredients have in common? They are incredibly high in protein. All of them. Do you know bettas need a lot of? Protein. A lot of it. Well, a lot in comparison to typical freshwater fish you would find a pet store. Omni insectivores. That’s what betta fish are. That basically means that they get protein from insects primarily. Insects are their primary nutrition source of protein in the wild. So wouldn’t it make sense to feed your betta fish a high-quality pellet food that just so happens to be high in protein? Yes, yes it does.

Enough about protein and color enhancing ingredients, this full-spectrum betta food by new life spectrum has unique betta fish immune system boosting properties. You want to nourish your betta fish while at the same time building up his internal defense shields against illness? Yeah I thought so. Good because that’s exactly what this brilliant betta fish pellet does. The immune system is responsible for making sure that your betta stays free from illness and disease. Now of course, nobody can guarantee that your betta fish will never suffer illness just because he’s eating this betta food, but you can sure that that this betta food is going to give him an extra layer of sickness defending body armor.

An often overlooked and yet highly important requirement for betta fish concerning their diet is that they really should have a varied diet. Varied meaning you don’t want to feed your betta fish the same thing over and over and over again. Pick your favorite food. Now imagine eating that every single day for the rest of your life. It wouldn’t be your favorite dish for very long. Bettas actually need a highly varied diet not just because they get bored with the same food over and over again. They need a varied diet to stay healthy.

Algae meal. New life spectrum put algae meal in this particular betta pellet fish food. That’s basically like having a salad alongside with your steak. We’ve already covered the protein content, the algae meal would be the veggie portion. Now that’s a variety all in one pellet. And no, for those possibly thinking this to themselves… That is not cheating. That does absolutely count as a variety. It’s actually incredibly intelligent. You don’t hardly ever, never ever see such attention paid to the lowly betta pellet. It’s like, these people over at new life spectrum actually care. And… know what they’re doing! Amazing.

The algae meal consists of kelp and seaweed. It also has inside of itself a type of a micro algae called Haematococcus pluvialis. Personally, I am really glad that I am typing this because I have no idea how to pronounce that. Just because I may know a little bit of more about betta fish than people think is healthy, does not mean I know how to pronounce 13 letter Greek (latin?) words. “Spirulina” is an ingredient in the veggie side of this betta pellet along with fruit and vegetable extract. Now you might think that’s a little odd, but when you learn that the extract is comprised of spinach, red and green cabbage, peas, broccoli, red pepper and zucchini, tomato, kiwi, apricot alongside pear and mango with apple, papaya and peach… You start getting jealous of your betta fishy’s diet. Seriously, I’m going to have to try these myself. One heck of a spoiled betta fish. Oh, and I almost forgot the bit of garlic.

Curious about garlic, do you know that’s in there? Garlic is naturally antiparasitic in nature. That means that feeding a diet that includes garlic to your betta fish will result in your betta fish being less likely to contract fun little ailments such as Ich. Ich is also known as white spot disease for those of you who might be confused. Garlic also has immune boosting properties. Garlic is also antibacterial. Garlic is amazing stuff not just for you but for betta fish too. One more interesting thing about garlic, and then I’ll give it up, is that fish are attracted to it. So, if you have a particularly picky betta fishy who does not like to eat his peas and carrots, (don’t feed your betta fish peas and carrots unless included in a betta pellet product like this one) if you flavor his or her food with a little bit of garlic, like new life spectrum just so happens to do, your picky eater will be much more inclined to start eating.

Holy Anti-Expanding Betta Pellets!
While I personally am not a complete stickler for this, I do try to buy products that are proudly made in the United States of America. This betta specific pellet just so happens to be made in the USA. Proudly. On top of that, there are no added hormones. Would you believe it, the addition of hormones and betta pellet food is crazy. I can’t believe that you actually have to look for pellet food to say “no added hormones”. But sadly, you do. This one doesn’t have any added hormones! I mean, why would you want to have hormones to your betta food?! I can see that I might go off on a tangent again… Moving on

I’m going to continue this review under the assumption that you are brand-new to betta fish keeping. And if you are not, I apologize for the overindulgence of information you’re about to receive. But I’d rather cover all the basics than not.

One thing about betta pellets is that they are notorious for expanding when they get wet. To some people this is not a problem at all. To others it’s a serious issue. When you take into consideration that the betta fish’s stomach is roughly the size of the betta’s own eyeball, you can see how even the smallest of expansion in a betta pellet could cause bloating and/or constipation down the line. These pellets don’t really expand. In fact, I want to go so far as to say they do not expand at all. My experience with them has been nothing but absolutely superb, and expansion has not been something I’ve noticed. I’ve been raising bettas for longer than I can remember and during that time have tried pretty much every betta food product you can find, or well, I can find anyway. One of the one things I look for the most in a new type of pellet is that it does not expand when introduced to water. Which a typical betta pellet will inevitably do. And I pretty much am sure you understand this by now but, this one doesn’t expand.

In case anybody is wondering, when I first saw this particular brand of betta fish food, the first thing that jumped out at me as different was the very first ingredient on its list. The fact that it was not ”fish meal”, but instead “whole Antarctic Krill” was actually surprising enough to me that I had to do a double take. I actually picked up a couple of these jars off the shelf to compare to make sure it wasn’t a typo on the label. I mean the fact that he says “whole” before Antarctic Krill was like an upfront confession of the incredibly high moral standards of new life spectrum. You can tell they’re proud of their betta food. I would be. I’m proud just to be able to feed my fish this awesome-sauce product!

Then reading down the list of ingredients, the very next ingredient (which would be the second ingredient) is whole fish! I mean, not even “fish meal”. Fish meal, by the way, is basically like mystery meat in betta food. Kind of like baloney is for people. Sure it tastes good… But nobody knows what’s really inside. We don’t talk about that. Or fight club. Crap. I did it again.

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A Binding Situation
Now, the whole wheat flour part does make up the third ingredient on this list but… It’s actually a completely necessary component of this betta fish food. Without this ingredient, the whole pellet would fall apart. Whole-wheat flour is what is known as a binding agent. It also doubles as a protein source to a small degree but, for the most part it’s a binding agent. It’s also carbohydrate. As far as I know, betta fish don’t drink beer or eat toast. Pretty sure carbs aren’t in their daily diet naturally. But they can digest it. To an extent anyway. Because it’s in pretty much every betta fish food there is, when you read the word whole before wheat flour, that’s actually a really good thing. It just means that the wheat flour wasn’t highly processed and is a much more natural source of carbohydrate. With betta fish you want to get about as natural as you possibly can when it comes to their food.

As much as I know you all would love me to, I’m not to cover all of the ingredients listed in here, as my own personal rule of thumb dictates that the top four or five even are really the ones that are the most important in making my own personal decision to purchase or not. But I will cover a couple more in here relatively out of order that stick out to me as special in one way or another.

Right after the whole-wheat flour, you have listed a bunch of that green stuff we talked about earlier. All that salad. Omega-3 fish oil is surprisingly high on the list. That’s really good actually, because betta fish really thrive much better when you have a diet that has a high amount of omega-3 fatty acids. It just so happens that alfalfa is listed right after the omega-3. As strange as it sounds, I’ve always had better luck with my bettas that are fed alfalfa in their diet rather than the ones that haven’t. Near the bottom of the list is listed choice minerals that are actually readily bioavailable for the betta to digest. So many people either forget or don’t know that betta fish do in fact need their minerals too.

Semi-Floating Means What Now?
One thing that you should know about, especially if you have any experience feeding any other type of betta pellet, is that these are semi-floating pellets. Meaning that when they float, they don’t float for long. In my own experience, some do and some don’t actually. But by and large most of them will sit in the water and then end up dropping shortly after. My fish are all ravenous eaters so, that doesn’t really bother me too much because my fish will eat them before they hit the ground. But there are many many betta fish out there that don’t consider themselves little piranhas, and are quite picky, and will definitely take their time even approaching a betta fish pellet. So, my advice would be to stand watch as you feed your bettas and keep track of the pellets. You don’t want to lose them down in the gravel or substrate as they will end up rotting and just messing up your pretty tank. Yes, pollution is bad for betta too.

All things considered, I can pretty much end this review the same way I started it. If you’re looking for a new kind of betta fish food, you found it. There are a lot out there to choose from. There are several on the site that I recommend. But if I was gonna have to choose just one… This one would be a wise decision. You want happy and healthy betta fish? Feed them some of these pellets! Brilliantly amazing from top to bottom in every way. I won’t tell anybody if you decide to nibble on one yourself… I know I have

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