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New Life Spectrum Betta Fish Food: Is It Worth Buying?

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I’m not sure how long you have been looking, or what other betta fish foods you have dog-eared for later research, but you can officially stop now!

It’s almost guaranteed that you’ll have a hard time finding another betta-fish-specific pellet that is jam-packed with nutrition and far fewer filler ingredients than the new life spectrum betta formula pellet food.

Let’s take a look at the New Life Spectrum Betta fish food, and why it’s the optimum food for your Betta fish.

What Is the New Life Spectrum Betta Fish Food?

We all want our betta fish to be happy and healthy, full of life, color, and vibrance, right?

Well, choosing the right betta-specific food for them is a massive part of what you need to ensure their optimum health.

This betta food formula by ‘New Life Spectrum’ is betta food insanity and in a good way!

In all honesty, I’m actually incredibly surprised that there aren’t more people out there that have heard of this particular betta pellet before.

Where Can I Buy New Life Spectrum Betta Fish Food?

It’s not commonplace in pet stores, and you almost always have to buy it online. In fact, I’ve only seen it a handful of times in local brick-and-mortar pet stores, and those pet stores are usually aquatic-centered.

New Life Spectrum Betta 70g Fish Food
  • Natural Color Enhancing 1mm Semi-Floating Pellets - 70g (Naturox series)
  • Hormone-Free Color Enhancing Food. Enhances the full spectrum of your fish's color
  • New life spectrum is made from quality natural ingredients

What Makes This Food Special?

Measuring 1 mm in size, these semi-floating pellets have included in their design, magical yet natural, color-enhancing ingredients.

These ingredients actually have the unique ability to help your betta fish not only feel and be healthy but have the bright color to show this off!

As superficial as “color enhancing” may sound to a person that has had betta fish before, you can’t really argue that a colorful betta fish is the epitome of a healthy betta fish.

There are many betta pellets out there that add color enhancers, but these usually don’t offer any real nutritional benefit.

However, these pellets are quite different. This particular brand of betta pellet is made with incredibly high-quality ingredients that just so happen to be easily digestible for the betta fish enjoying them.

This doesn’t mean digestible in terms of the ease with which they pass through the fish’s system, but in the sense that they are highly absorbable to the betta fish. This is basically the opposite of betta fish fast food.

What Ingredients Are in New Life Spectrum Betta Fish Food?

The bioavailability of the protein content in these betta pellets is, quite honestly, highly unique in the world of betta fish food pellets available.

The notable ingredients in this food are as follows:

  • South Antarctic Krill
  • Herring
  • Squid
  • Mussel protein from genuine New Zealand mussels
  • Omega 3 and essential minerals

All of these ingredients are incredibly high in protein, which is a crucial part of a bettas diet, due to them being a carnivorous, or, more specifically, Omni-insectivorous species.

This means that bettas primarily get their protein content from insects, which is their main food source in the wild.

As betta is a species that needs a varied diet to remain healthy, the New Life Spectrum betta fish food also accounts for that.

Other than its high protein content, this food contains algae, kelp, and seaweed, as well as microalgae ‘Haematococcus Pluvialis’, and fruit and vegetable extract.

This extract is composed of spinach, red and green cabbage, peas, broccoli, red pepper and zucchini, tomato, kiwi, and apricot, alongside pear and mango with apple, papaya, and peach.

This is basically the betta fish equivalent of having a salad with your steak, resulting in a varied, balanced meal, all in one little pellet!

If that’s not enough, you might be surprised to learn that it also contains garlic. Yep, garlic.

Garlic is naturally antiparasitic in nature, so feeding your betta a diet with garlic results in them being less susceptible to ailments such as Ich, or white spot disease.

Garlic is also high in immune-boosting properties, and it’s antibacterial. It’s truly one of the most amazing ingredients, not just for you, but for betta fish, too!

Fish are also very attracted to garlic, so if you have a picky eater on your hands, he will be much more inclined to eat something if it’s seasoned with garlic.

One ingredient I was pleasantly surprised to find wasn’t included was “fish meal.” For those of you who don’t know, this is basically the fish food equivalent of ‘mystery meat’ – think of it like a chicken nugget, or a hot dog sausage, no one really knows what’s in them.

The pellet also contains wheat flour, a common and essential binding agent found in fish pellets.

How Does This Food Benefit My Betta?

You may be surprised to learn that this New Life Spectrum betta food actually has unique betta fish immune system-boosting properties.

This food is a great way to nourish your betta fish while building up their immune system to protect against illnesses at the same time.

Of course, feeding this particular food can’t guarantee that your fish will never get sick, but it will ensure an extra boost to his immune system.

This should hopefully aid in keeping him healthy, and helping with quick recovery if ever he does get ill.

New Life Spectrum Betta 70g Fish Food
  • Natural Color Enhancing 1mm Semi-Floating Pellets - 70g (Naturox series)
  • Hormone-Free Color Enhancing Food. Enhances the full spectrum of your fish's color
  • New life spectrum is made from quality natural ingredients

Is the New Life Spectrum Betta Food Safe?

Yes, it’s incredibly safe! Manufactured and distributed in the USA, this fish food complies with all safety standards. As an extra bonus, there are no added hormones as there are in the fish food of many competitors.

(Side note: If this isn’t a brand you regularly buy, be sure to look for betta fish foods with “no added hormones” clearly stated on the packaging.)

Another thing about betta pellets is that they are notorious for expanding when they get wet. To some people, this isn’t a problem at all. To others, it’s a serious issue.

When you take into consideration that the betta fish’s stomach is roughly the size of the betta’s own eyeball, you can see how even the smallest expansion in a betta pellet could cause bloating and/or constipation somewhere down the line.

The New Life Spectrum pellets barely expand at all. In my personal experience, they have been truly superb, and expansion hasn’t been something I’ve noticed.

I’ve been raising bettas for longer than I can remember, and during that time have tried pretty much every betta food product I could find.

One thing I look for most in any new type of pellet is that it doesn’t expand when introduced to water. So, that makes this one a brilliant choice!

The only thing you’ll want to look out for is if the pellets sink. As these are semi-floating, they can sink quite quickly.

Also, if your fish likes to take his time with food, this may result in the pellets getting lost in the substrate and going bad in the tank, which in turn, can make your fish sick.

All things considered, I can pretty much end this review the same way I started it. If you’re looking for a new kind of betta fish food, then you’ve found it!

There are plenty out there on the market to choose from. However, if I was going to have to choose just one… This one would be a wise decision! If you want happy and healthy fish, feed them some of these premium fish pellets!

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