Most Expensive Betta Fish

Top 10 Most Expensive Betta Fish Breeds in the World

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I know that confusing moment when you walk into a fish store and see those beautiful betta fish. They come in all colors, and some have amazing fins. You may be asking yourself, “How much do these little guys cost?”

The price of this little fish can go from a few dollars to upwards of 1500 dollars! Pretty crazy, huh?

However, the most expensive betta fish is not necessarily the prettiest or the one with the fanciest fins. It is usually the rarest color or the fish with the best lineage.

In this article, I will share with you some of the most expensive betta fish in the world and what makes them so special.

Kachen Worachai Betta Fish

Do you know the colors of the Thai flag? This fish’s colors are similar to those of the flag, which are red, white, and blue.

The blue color is on the body of this beautiful fish, with a white line running along its belly. Also, a red parallel stripe runs along the other side of the bottom of its fins.

In an auction, Kachen Worachai’s betta fish reached a price of RP. 22 million (1,530 dollars), making it one of the most costly betta fish in the world. Although this is a significant sum for a betta fish, it is well worth it!

Plakat Betta

Plakat Betta

Depending on its natural habitat, the Plakat betta fish can come in many colors. This type of betta has very short fins relatively close to its body, making it appear much larger than other types of bettas.

Due to its unique appearance, the Plakat betta is considered one of the world’s most expensive betta fish. A single fish can cost up to $1,500, depending on its color and patterns.

Crowntail Betta

Crowntail Betta

The Crowntail is an extraordinary and rare breed of betta fish due to its long tail. However, this feature means it needs more space than other types of bettas.

The betta fish comes in three types: double, single, and crossed rays so, you can choose the right one for your aquarium.

Depending on its rarity in the market, the Crowntail betta fish can cost from $500 to $1,500.

Rosetail Betta

Rosetail Betta

Rosetail bettas have strange and unusual shapes with fins that fan out beautifully, accounting for more than half of the fish’s overall size.

The gentle ridges on these fins, which resemble fine hairs or a rose’s curves, give this fish its name.

Depending on its color pattern, age, condition, and origin location, a Rosetail betta’s cost will fall somewhere between $20 and $50.

Feathertail Betta

Feathertail bettas get their name from their feather-like tails, although a rare variety of them have tails that look more like roses.

In addition, males have much more dramatic and colorful fins than females.

However, many betta owners dislike this variety due to its aggressive nature and the danger of harming other fish in the aquarium. Thus, the Feathertail betta’s price range is usually between $15 and $20.

Elephant Ear BettaElephant Ear Betta

The Elephant Ear or Dumbo betta is a beautiful fish with huge fins that resemble an elephant’s ear.

The high price of this type of betta is a reflection of the breeding difficulty.

At most pet stores, this betta’s average cost is about $10, but it can go up to $20 depending on the coloration, patterns, and fin type.

Koi Betta

Koi Plakat Betta

The distinctive marble-like patterns that distinguish Koi bettas make them quite appealing. The male bettas have bigger and more spreading fins than females and are unfortunately quite costly due to breeding difficulties.

Each fish costs roughly $13-20. The fancier Koi are most expensive in the family of betta fish. 

Butterfly Betta

Butterfly Betta

With their exotic colors and unique fins, Butterfly bettas are very common among fish keepers.

This fish species is available in a lot of colors, and males often have more gorgeous hues and patterns than females.

Their average price is about $12, but some may cost up to $15 depending on their beauty and rarity.

Dragonscale Betta

Dragonscale Betta

Dragonscale betta fish have mesmerizingly metallic scales that shimmer and shine in a rainbow of colors. They get their name from their superficially similar appearance to real dragons!

Depending on the quality and coloration, the average price for this betta is about $10, but it can be as high as $13.

Halfmoon Betta

Halfmoon Betta

The Halfmoon betta is a gorgeous fish that gets its name from its large fins that resemble a moon.

Depending on coloration and patterns, prices for this graceful swimmer start at about $5 but can be as high as $15.


What Is the Rarest Betta?

Albino bettas are the rarest due to their hard maintenance and breeding. These are very sensitive to light and require special care, which makes them quite expensive.

Are Pink Betta Fish Uncommon?

Pink bettas are very uncommon. It would be pretty pricey if you happen to see one in a store. Most fish owners strive to get high-quality betta fish.

What Is the Rarest Color of Betta?

Purple bettas are the rarest color of betta. It is almost impossible to find a purebred purple betta; if you do, it would be very expensive.

How Much Does a Rosetail Betta Fish Cost?

Rosetail bettas are expensive, costing anywhere from $20 to $50. The price depends on the fish’s color pattern, age, condition, and origin location.

What Is the Price of the Most Expensive Betta in the World?

The most expensive betta fish is Kachen Worachie which has earned a value of $1530 in an auction.

What Is the Cheapest Betta Fish?

Female Veil tail bettas are typically the cheapest, costing around $2.

What Is the Average Price of a Betta Fish?

The average price of a betta fish is about $3.5, but it can range from $4 to $60 depending on the type, color, and rarity.

What Is the Most Common Betta Fish?

The most common betta fish is the Veil Tail betta. These fish are pretty common in pet stores and cost around $2 to $5.


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