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Metallic Betta: Metallics, Masks, and More

Betta genetics is a fascinating and absorbing aspect of keeping these beautiful fish.  In this article, we will discuss two of the recent color types that are enjoying huge popularity among betta hobbyists: metallics and masked bettas. Breeding metallics and masks is undoubtedly an enjoyable hobby, but the mysteries of these two traits have yet …

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“Dragons’’ – A new era in the world of ‘‘bling-bling’’ bettas!

  Sherolyn-Basement Bettas For the past several years, both authors have extensively worked on metallics in their breeding programs. Their experiences and thoughts on the metallic trait were written down in several articles (“Copper gold” (2003)[1]; “Metallics and Masks” (2005) [2]; “Understanding metallic genetics” (2006) [3]). Both authors decided to team up in order to share their thoughts and …

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Wild Type Imbellis

Sherolyn-Basement Bettas Wild Bettas are usually considered any type of Betta that is found in the wild. Wild Bettas are extreme jumpers and will jump several inches out of the water. When keeping wilds, always have a tight fitting lid, and leave the water line a few inches below what you normally would have it …

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This is wild!

Wild Betta’s are considered to be the true natives of the betta world. What most people consider the common fish store betta, or Betta Splendens is an ancestor of the Wild native bettas.

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