Gifts for Aquarium Lovers

20 Best Gifts for Aquarium Lovers: Ideas for a Fish Fanatic!

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As a dedicated fish owner with almost 40 years of experience in the hobby, I know exactly what useful and fun fish-themed gifts to buy my aquarium-loving friends and family members!

I’ve trawled the net to land these entertaining and practical ideas for Christmas and birthday gifts that are sure to make both beginner and experienced aquarium lovers smile.

So, let’s dive in and discover 20 of the best gifts for aquarium lovers. You’re sure to find something for everyone!

Quick Summary: Best Gifts for Aquarium Lovers

Magnetic Invisible Feeding Ring (Customizable and Auto-Leveling) Food Portal for Floating Plant... Magnetic Invisible Feeding Ring
  • Magnetic
  • Discreet Design
  • Auto-leveling
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COLORLIFE Electric Jellyfish Tank Table Lamp with Color Changing Light Gift for Kids Men Women Home... COLORLIFE Electric Jellyfish Tank Table Lamp
  • Specifical Design
  • Quite Motor
  • 4 hours Automatic Shut-off Function
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hygger Aquarium Gravel Cleaner, New Quick Water Changer with Air-Pressing Button Fish Tank Sand... Aquarium Vacuum Cleaner
  • Dirt Suction, Sand Washing and Water Changing
  • Simple To Use
  • Hygger Patented Design
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NEPTONION Magnetic Aquarium Fish Tank Glass Algae Scraper

NEPTONION Magnetic Aquarium Fish Tank Glass Algae scrapers Glass Cleaner Scrubber Clean Brush...
  • 👏-Bestie of Aquarium : This device helps clean glass by magnetizing from an outside pad to the inner glass cleaner part, quickly and easily cleans away algae growth to make your aquarium stays healthy and looks its best.
  • 💪-Premium Quality : The scrubber side is made of fabric with tiny hooks that scrape off the algae without damaging the glass. Outside, the surface of the handle is covered in felt so it glides smoothly along as you clean.
  • 🙉-Comfortable and Non-slip : it’s a long, wide bar shape that’s easy to get your fingers around, a large, chunky handle makes it easy to hold on to as you move it around and the non-slip grip comes in really handy, too.

Algae is the bane of every aquarium keeper’s life! But you can quickly get rid of the slimy, green menace by using this excellent magnetic aquarium fish tank glass algae scraper from Neptonion.

The scraper is simple and mess-free to use. Just place the external handle on the glass on the outside of the viewing pane and use it to attract the scraper pad that rests on the glass inside the tank. Slide the handle across the glass while the scraper pad effectively cleans the glass inside.

Magnetic Invisible Feeding Ring

Magnetic Invisible Feeding Ring (Customizable and Auto-Leveling) Food Portal for Floating Plant...
  • MAGNETIC - Uses the power of strong magnets to stay in place on your aquarium
  • DISCREET DESIGN - Focus on your fish and not a bulky feeding ring
  • CUSTOMIZABLE - Use the included size(s) or any standard 3/16" airline tubing to customize size

Food waste can be a problem in many tanks. Often, floating food gets lost among plants or is sucked into the filter system, so your fish miss out on a meal. In busy community tanks, there’s also the problem of shy fish losing out at feeding times.

That’s where this simple, effective magnetic invisible feeding ring can solve both problems!

The magnets hold the ring in position in your tank, keeping the focus on your fish, not on an unsightly feeding ring. The ring automatically levels to the waterline when water evaporates or when you add water and can be customized to fit any diameter of airline tubing.

PeSandy Coral Feeder

PeSandy Coral Feeder SPS HPS Feeder, Long Acrylic Aquarium Coral Feeder Syringe Tube for...
  • [HIGH-QUALITY DURABLE ACRYLIC ] - Made of quality acrylic and rubber material, safe for fish and corals, easy to clean. Acrylic material has a long life and is never easily broken like glass. Easy to clean and disassemble.
  • [ ACCURATE DISPENSING WITH MEASUREMENTS ] - As a high-brightness acrylic tube body, you can see a clear feeding amount. This will ensure you know exactly how much you are feeding your corals or other fish. SPS HPS coral target feeders to avoid overfeeding.
  • [ FEEDING MADE SIMPLE ] - With PeSandy acrylic coral feeding stick, you can target-feed liquid phytoplankton to corals or other invertebrates and aquatic animals. Very easy to control and allows you to directly feed your sea squirt, filter feeders, and timid fish with ease and comfort.

This coral feeder from PeSandy makes a perfect practical gift for aquarium lovers with marine or reef tanks.

The acrylic coral feeding stick enables you to target-feed liquid phytoplankton and other foods to inverts, corals, and other aquatic creatures. This ensures that you don’t get wet arms when feeding your livestock.

This syringe is also a useful gift for freshwater tank owners. Use the long acrylic aquarium syringe to remove debris from your tank’s difficult-to-access parts and as a liquid fertilizer feeder in a planted tank.

API Water Test Kit

API FRESHWATER MASTER TEST KIT 800-Test Freshwater Aquarium Water Master Test Kit, White, Single,...
  • Contains one (1) API FRESHWATER MASTER TEST KIT 800-Test Freshwater Aquarium Water Master Test Kit, including 7 bottles of testing solutions, 1 color card and 4 tubes with cap
  • Helps monitor water quality and prevent invisible water problems that can be harmful to fish and cause fish loss
  • Accurately monitors 5 most vital water parameters levels in freshwater aquariums: pH, high range pH, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate

Every aquarium keeper knows that clean, healthy water is essential for the well-being of all fish species.

This freshwater master test kit from API provides you with everything you need to monitor the water quality in your tank.

With this kit, you can keep an eye on ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate levels and monitor your pH range too. This enables you to take action as soon as you spot a problem, potentially preventing fish deaths.

Salinity Refractometer

Salinity Refractometer for Seawater and Marine Fishkeeping Aquarium 0-100 PPT with Automatic...
  • Measure salt water or salinity of water, ideal for aquariums and marine monitoring.
  • Measures on 2 scales, Specific Gravity (D 20/20) and parts per thousand.
  • Features automatic temperature compensation.

This salinity refractometer is a perfect gift for every reef or marine aquarium lover.

Saltwater tanks must have the correct strength of salinity for the health of the fish, corals, and other livestock. Unfortunately, amateur-grade salinity measurement devices are not renowned for their accuracy. But this pro-grade refractometer is designed to provide accurate salinity measurements every time and can also be calibrated if necessary!

This device takes the guesswork out of mixing saltwater which reduces stress on fish, inverts, and corals, and saves you time.

API Root Tabs

API ROOT TABS Freshwater Aquarium Plant Fertilizer 0.4-Ounce 10-Count Box
  • Contains one (1) API ROOT TABS Freshwater Aquarium Plant Fertilizer 0. 4-Ounce 10-Count Box
  • Promotes strong root development for lush plants in freshwater aquariums
  • Contains essential nutrients including iron, potassium and carbon

This box of root tabs makes the ideal Christmas stocking filler for a freshwater aquarium keeper.

Although many aquarium plants can do fine as long as they have sufficient light, many species need a little extra help in the form of liquid supplementation or root tabs.

These tabs are ideal for plants that derive most of their nutrition from the substrate, offering essential nutrients, including iron, carbon, and potassium. Use the tabs once a month to promote lush growth and vibrant colors in your aquatic plants.

Eheim Twin Batter Powered Automatic Fish Feeder

EHEIM TWIN Automatic Feeder, Battery Operation, Random
  • Two separate food chambers for granulate, sticks, pellets, or flakes
  • can be programmed individually
  • Aerated chambers to ensure your food stays dry

This automatic fish feeder from Eheim is the perfect solution for aquarium lovers who have to leave their fish home alone from time to time or who work shifts that don’t coincide with their fish’s feeding times.

The battery-powered feeder features two separate barrels that can be set to dispense fish food independently. That means you can feed your diurnal fish during the daytime and nocturnal species at night.

The feeder is fully programmable and has an LCD screen that’s easy to read. There’s a handy manual feeding bypass and a low-battery warning system, too.

Orphek Reef Aquarium Lens

Orphek Coral Lens – Kit for All Smartphones – 4 Lens Included: Macro, CPL 37mm Polarized,...
  • (HIGH QUALITY) Orphek Cell Phone Lens Kit are designed with industrial grade aluminium along with premium optic glass lenses to capture shots with amazing clarity and detail. It is important to point out that Orphek is the only company in the market offering lens that are designed specifically for photography of corals and aquariums made of GLASS. This leads to clearer pictures and a longer lasting lens because they are less prone to scratching! Not like other cheap plastic lenses.
  • (INTERCHANGEABILITY) You can swap or combine lens for different effects! All 4 lens including the wide angle and macro lens are built in an attachable design – lenses screwed together for enhanced imaging.

Anyone who keeps a marine or reef tank will love this cool aquarium lens!

Unlike other cell phone lenses, this kit comes with different optical filters to color-correct your photos and lose that deep purple tint you get with a regular lens.

The filters effectively produce sharp, vibrant images of your fish and corals, making an excellent gift idea for any reef fanatic!

Funny Home Fish Tank Care Journal & Aquarium Maintenance Notebook

All My Fish Keeping Shit: Funny Home Fish Tank Care Journal & Aquarium Maintenance Notebook Log Book...
  • Suizokukan, Arthur (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 103 Pages - 08/28/2020 (Publication Date) - Independently published (Publisher)

Taking care of an aquarium is a complicated business that takes a fair amount of organization.

The “All My Fish Keeping Shit” journal and log book can help your aquarium-loving friend to keep on top of all their tank care and maintenance tasks. Here you can keep records of water testing results, pH levels, equipment checks, fish behavior, and much more.

The notebook is designed to help hobbyists keep their setup in optimum condition and their fish and other livestock in excellent health.

Marine Fish Soft Plush Throw Blanket

HommomH 60"x80" Blanket Comfort Warmth Soft Plush Throw for Couch Bright Tropical Fish
  • Cashmere feel flannel blanket, cozy and warm, high quality and durable, anti-pilling
  • Super soft, warm, cozy throw blanket gives a perfect sleep
  • Machine washable, avoid direct heat and wash dark colors separately

This gorgeously soft, plush marine fish-themed throw blanket is the ideal gift for the fish lover who enjoys relaxing in comfort while admiring their community tank.

The blanket is made from high-quality, durable, anti-pilling fabric that feels just like cashmere against your skin and is fully machine-washable for convenience.

It measures 60 x 80 inches, making it ideal for use as a throw over your bed or sofa.

Ambesonne Fish Pillow Sham

Ambesonne Fish Pillow Sham, Abstract Betta Splenden in Shades of Blue with Bohemian Pattern Swirling...
  • 20 Inches long x 30 Inches wide - Only Pillow Sham, Insert not included
  • Made from - 100% Brushed microfiber fabric. Super soft for ultimate comfort. Excellent workmanship.
  • Features - Envelope closure to keep pillows snug. Vivid colors, Clear image, No fading.

If you have a friend with a betta pet, they’re sure to love this pillowcase with its abstract betta splenden design in shades of blue.

The pillowcase is made from soft, 100% brushed microfiber for superior comfort, and its envelope closure design keeps the pillow safely inside.

The fabric is machine-washable on a delicate program to keep the colors vivid and clear. The pillowcase is also tumble-dryer-safe and easy to iron.

COLORLIFE Electric Jellyfish Tank Table Lamp

COLORLIFE Electric Jellyfish Tank Table Lamp with Color Changing Light Gift for Kids Men Women Home...
  • ONE YEAR WARRANTY FOR COMPLETE PEACE OF MIND:There is nothing more embarrassing that giving someone a defective gift。Choose this jellyfish lamp, you don't need to worry this! Launched around 2018, more than 50000PCS has been sold, that's why we are so confident you'll love our jellyfish aquarium that we're willing to offer a 1 year warranty. Any question, please email us, we will response to you within 10 hours.
  • Specifical design: Driven by a whisper quiet motor in order to satisfy the requirements quite / you can fix color by press key " light" without worry about losing remote/ 4 hours automatic shut-off function
  • Mood light for relaxation and meditation : it can help you relax and ease your tight emotion, This soothing mood light creates a stimulating and a calming environment for children and adults whilst providing a pleasurable and enchanting visual point of focus or diversion. they are great for use in any environment where you need to take a few minutes out of your day to clear your head and relax without the hassle of keeping jellyfish alive

This beautiful, color-changing jellyfish tank table lamp makes a great gift for both adults and kids alike.

The realistic jellyfish glide silently through their habitat, providing a mesmerizing, relaxing, almost hypnotic image.

The lamp has a remote control for convenience, and the automatic shutoff feature means you don’t need to worry about forgetting to switch the unit off.

For your peace of mind, the lamp comes with a 12-month guarantee.

Goldfish Earrings

DianaL Boutique Silvertone Rhodium Plated Beautiful Tropical Fish Goldfish Earrings Dangle with a...
  • Silvertone Rhodium Plated Beautiful Goldfish Dangle Earrings
  • The Goldfish is 0.75 inch Long and 1 inch Wide
  • Great gift idea for mother, daughter, wife, girlfriend, best friend, sister Suitable gift for birthday, graduation, Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, graduation, parties, weddings and all other occasions These Gorgeous Anchor Earrings come with a Gift Box and will make a wonderful gift !

Goldfish fans will love these gorgeous goldfish earrings! In Chinese culture, the goldfish is said to be a lucky fish, representing abundance, success, loyalty, and wealth. So, when you give this pair of silvertone rhodium-plated drop earrings as a gift, you’re wishing the recipient all those things and more!

DianaL Boutique Enameled Goldfish Pendant Necklace 17" Chain Fish Fashion Jewelry
  • Beautiful Enameled Goldfish Pendant Necklace
  • The Pendant is 1 inch , the necklace is 17 inches
  • Gift Boxed . Will make a Wonderful Gift !

Why not make up a set of jewelry for your loved one by adding a matching goldfish pendant to the gift?

Betta Fish Christmas Tree Ornament

Old World Christmas Ornaments: Fish Collection Glass Blown Ornaments for Christmas Tree, Betta
  • ORNAMENTS FOR CHRISTMAS TREE: Hand crafted in age-old tradition with techniques that originated in the 1800s
  • CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS: Molten glass is mouth-blown into finely carved molds
  • UNIQUE GIFTS: Ornaments are all hand-painted and glittered in a series of labor-intensive steps to achieve the beautiful creations

Betta fish enthusiasts will adore this beautiful blown glass Christmas tree ornament. The bauble features a gorgeous red and blue rosetail betta, complete with festive glitter, that’s sure to catch the light when hanging on the tree.

In fact, there’s a whole range of different fish-themed tree ornaments to choose from, including sea urchins, a coral reef, a leaping trout, and starfish.

Aquarium Vacuum Cleaner

hygger Aquarium Gravel Cleaner, New Quick Water Changer with Air-Pressing Button Fish Tank Sand...
  • 【3 in 1 Function】: ① Dirt Suction. Gravel Vacuum for Aquarium equipped with a duckbill suction inlet accessory, and it is easy to suck the feces away. ② Sand Washing. Aquarium siphon with 3D Filter Basket Net, protect your love fish and small gravel from suck out of the aquarium. ③ Water Changing. Built-in dual airbags, atmospheric cavity, good resilience, effortless operation.
  • 【Working Principle】: hygger's unique patented design --- equipped with a handle type manual press, which has more operating space and saves labor and brings convenience, by testing the fastest speed is to press 7 times. Sand Washer has 2 thickened airbags inside, which can pump water quickly. And using PP ABS materials, resistance to extrusion, do not worry about airbag damage and leakage, can be used for a long time.
  • 【Easy to Use】: Push the siphon switch of the aquarium siphon vacuum cleaner several times, and make sure that the inlet tube part is full of water, and then observe the outlet hose. After the water continuously flows out, you can stop push and observe whether it will automatically. If not, continue to operate until the water will flow out quickly and automatically. The sand can move up and down in the extension tube to remove debris from your aquarium.

As a practical gift for an aquarium lover, you can’t do much better than an aquarium vacuum cleaner.

This vacuum cleaner unit includes a handle that makes activating the unit simple and mess-free.

You can remove organic waste from your tank in minutes during your routine weekly water changes with this useful gadget.

Zacro LCD Digital Aquarium Thermometer

Zacro Digital Aquarium Thermometer, Fish Tank Thermometer, Water Thermometer with Large LCD Display,...
  • Submerge probe into fish tank to measure water temperature (Submerge probe only, do not submerge thermometer in water)
  • Easy to apply suction cup and easy to read LCD screen; Temperature readings to within 0.1 degree
  • Large, easy to read LCD display. Compact design for discrete use

The water in your fish tank must be the correct temperature for the species of fish you keep. If the water in the aquarium is too cold or warm, the fish can suffer from temperature shock, leading to stress, disease outbreaks, and even mass fish kills!

This excellent digital aquarium thermometer features a probe that you submerge in the water to measure the temperature. The unit fixes to the tank via a suction cup, and the temperature is displayed on a large, easy-to-read LCD screen.

Readings are accurate to within 1 degree, and the unit is powered by a single LR44 button cell battery that’s included with your purchase.

Hygger Horizon 8 Gallon LED Glass Aquarium Kit

Hygger Horizon 8 Gallon LED Glass Aquarium Kit for Starters with 7W Power Filter Pump, 18W Colored...
  • 🐠【Hygger Aquarium Kit Includes】a 7W 110GPH internal power filter pump, a colored led aquarium light, a 8 gallon glass tank with a decorative 3D rockery mountain background. The 3D background makes the whole aquarium looks cool like a dream word underwater, is a great rest, play spot, shelters for little fish. Also you can plant some green grass on the rockery mountain.
  • 🐠【Mutil-modes LED Light】The aquarium led light is DC12V/18W, with extendable brackets, length can be adjusted from 0 to 19 inch. It has a external digital controller, you can use it to set the lighting time to 3, 6 or 12 hours, to adjust the light brightness from 100% to 10%, 5 levels of brightness in total, to shift the light modes: White LEDS, Blue+white+red LEDS, Red+ blue LEDS.
  • 🐠【Durable Power Filter】The aquarium power filter is 7W 110GPH, for 2-8 gallon tank use. It's a super quiet and durable filter, and can be use for low water, the upper part is the 2 stage filtration system, the bottom part is water pumping systerm to pump the water upward. Please NOTE this filter may be too strong for small fish that is not long than 2 inch, may suck small fish, if you keep small in the tank, please don't run the filter or don't run it all the time

The Hygger Horizon glass aquarium starter kit makes an excellent gift for someone just wanting to dip a toe in the water of fishkeeping. The tank is the perfect size for keeping a small school of tetras or danios or for a betta fish.

There’s a decorative 3D background to display your fish in a natural setting. The kit includes an LED lighting unit with various color setting options and a powerful filter system to help keep the tank water clean.

Fish Beach Shoes

Creative Fish Slippers Man Funny Fish Sandals Men Beach Bass flip Flops Slides (Male 12-13) Green
  • Handmade funny fish sandals slippers
  • PVC soft material, light weight, wear comfortable fish flip flops
  • Fish-shape slippers help you catch more people’s eyes when you wear it

If your friend loves to spend time on the beach, they will need a pair of beach shoes to protect their feet from sharp stones and sea urchins when swimming.

The shoes are made from lightweight, soft PVC material, so they’re comfortable to wear as well as practical.

The sole is designed to prevent slipping on wet surfaces and underwater rocks, keeping your friend safe in the sea.

Lucky Goldfish Socks

As previously mentioned, goldfish are considered to be lucky creatures, and these fun goldfish socks are sure to bring good fortune to the wearer.

These socks are machine-washable and make a fun, practical gift for a friend or family member.

Vintage Baseball Cap

This vintage baseball cap is the ideal gift for men and women.

The cap is made from cotton denim and features the image of a cute, bubble-blowing goldfish on the front.

The lightweight cap features an adjustable buckle back closure for the perfect fit and can be hand-washed when necessary.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed our gift suggestions for aquarium lovers and fish fans! If you did, please share the listicle before you go shopping!

It can be tricky to find the perfect present for someone whose main interest in life is their beloved aquarium and their fishy friends! But we’re confident you’ll find plenty of inspiration from our suggestions.

Tell us what gift you chose and why in the comments box below!

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