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Sherolyn-Basement Bettas

These days bettas come in a dizzy array of colors. Many of the Thai breeders are pushing the envelope and getting colors and combinations of colors not even dreamed about a few years ago. The IBC does have classes for patterned fish. The classes currently included in the standards are Butterfuly, Bicolor, Multi  and Marble or Grizzle. (Photo: White/Yellow Butterfly bred by Farmfish)

For fish to be competitive in the pattern classes they need to have good pattern and color. Getting the right balance is not as easy as one would think. The Butterfly comes out of Marble breeding. Marbles often continue to change color, even to the point of a brightly colored fish being colorless in three days. And the Multi must have equal represenations of at least two, preferably three colors. So breeders desiring to compete in these classes have just as much work cut out for them as breeders that prefer to work solid colors.

And what about those new crazy colors we are seeing these days? Here is a collection of articles on what is known, and often not known, about breeding pattern fish.

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