Kanaplex Betta

How To Use Kanaplex For Betta Fish Disease Treatment

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Seachem’s KanaPlex is a common antibacterial medication used to treat bacterial and fungal infections in aquatic ecosystems. If you’ve ever had to use it, you will know that it’s straightforward to dose and incredibly effective.

While we hope that you never need to treat your betta fish with KanaPlex, there are a few things you should know about this product in case that time comes.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about KanaPlex, what it treats, and how to use this effective medication to treat your sick fish! 

Kanaplex Betta

What is KanaPlex?

Seachem’s KanaPlex is a general antibiotic that helps with fungal and bacterial fish diseases, like fin rot, tail rot, cloudy eye, popeye, and dropsy.

This medication is easily dosed into the fish tank water column and absorbed through your betta’s skin and gills. This is especially important if your fish is refusing food as the medication does not need to be ingested directly. 

But what exactly is KanaPlex, and how will it help your sick fish? 


KanaPlex is a kanamycin-based medicine that targets many different bacteria; KanaPlex best treats milder cases of disease and infection, and hobbyists usually use stronger medications for more severe infections. 

This medication can be used in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums but is generally not safe to use with shrimp, snails, or corals

How to use KanaPlex

KanaPlex is simple to dose, though there are a few ways you can go about treating your tropical fish with this medicine.

Once treatment has ended, use activated carbon filtration to remove any residual medication in the tank water.

It is strongly recommended to transfer the fish into a hospital tank for the greatest dosage control. Though KanaPlex won’t destroy the beneficial bacteria in the display aquarium like other medicines, it can still cause some fluctuations in the water parameters.

For direct dosing into the aquarium water, instructions read:

1. Turn off UV sterilizers and remove chemical filtration. 

2. Dose one level measure for every five gallons of water (22.7 L). 

3. Repeat dosage every two days until symptoms disappear. Do not exceed three doses. For emergencies, dosages can be administered closer together as long as the fish does not show any adverse symptoms. 

If you can’t dose KanaPlex directly into the tank, then you might prefer administering it through food. However, this requires that the fish still has an appetite, which might not be the case with sicker bettas. 

Food dosing is a great option and is actually preferred to direct dosing. Medicated food is stronger and more effective. It is also easier to target feed, makes less of a mess, and is better for internal infections.

Here are the instructions for dosing KanaPlex through food:

1. Purchase a binder that adheres the medicine to the betta fish food, like Seachem Focus.

2. Mix one measure of KanaPlex with one measure of Seachem Focus in one tablespoon of frozen food paste. 

3. If the fish lacks an appetite, use garlic or another appetite-stimulator to increase the chances of eating.

4. Feed medicated food once a day for seven days. All leftovers can be refrigerated or frozen for later use. 

Is KanaPlex safe for your betta? 

Yes, KanaPlex is safe for bettas.

As with any strong medication, prolonged use can lead to internal damage. Always follow instructions and observe for changes in behavior. 

Otherwise, KanaPlex is very popular for treating fungal and bacterial diseases in betta fish, like fin rot. However, we don’t recommend starting treatment until there are obvious signs of infection.

Fin rot is one of the most common betta fish ailments. This bacterial infection manifests through brittle and torn fins, lethargy, lack of appetite, and discoloration. 

Most minor cases of fin rot can be treated with good tank maintenance and frequent water changes without any medicinal intervention.

If you find that your fish isn’t showing any signs of recovery and just keeps getting worse, then something like KanaPlex is recommended. 

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