Food and Water

Mike McBrien Now that you have read the Home Sweet Home  page and have a nice tank to put your fish in, we need to discuss the water that goes into the tank and the food you will be feeding. For us, water is usually just water, unless you live where the water is really …

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Home Sweet Home

  Sherolyn-Basement Bettas So, you fell in love with a colorful Betta at a local fish shop and want to bring him home. What are you going to need to keep your new friend happy and healthy in your home? This article will show you how to properly set up and maintain a tank for …

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Betta Fish Ich Disease – Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

Betta fish can experience many different kinds of less than lovely diseases, illnesses and conditions during their lifetime. One of these undesirable conditions, that is also the topic of this article, is the parasitic infestation of “Ich”. Also known as White Spot Disease, Ichthyophthirius multifilis (Ich) in betta fish is actually quite common, easy to …

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