Egg Yolk for Fry

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Sherolyn-Basement Bettas

Too make egg yolk easy to use all you need are an ice cube tray, one egg, and a mister from any cheep dollar store.

1 Hardboil and egg. 
2 smash just the yolk in to two cups of water. 
3 stir and poor into the icecube trays, freeze it. 
4 take one ice cube and melt it into a half cup of water 
5 put into the spritzer. (shake it up)
6 spritz it once or twice over the fry tank. (rember open Lid of fry tank)
Return spritzer to the fridge , it keeps for three days. no more,
Replace it with a fresh cube. 

Do not spritz more often. Do it twice a day. Morning and evening. That gives the fry time to eat it. 
You must vacumm the bottom of the tank each morning after you start this. DON”T LEAVE ON THE BOTTOM FOR ANY EXTENDED TIME.

Feed only for the first few days to a week. By a weeks time the fry should be on baby brine shrimp and the various micro worms.

Sharing is caring!

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