Salmon Mix

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Sherolyn-Basement Bettas

I am playing around with a DIY recipe as I am not happy about the preservative I am finding in most fish foods on the market today. Many people that make DIY fish food use beef heart as a base. I have been doing some reading and have found that the beef heart may not be as digestible as one would like. The general consensus was fish would get more out of a fish based food. In order to prevent any transmission of disease I chose to use seafood. And I was looking for easy as well. 

I am currently playing with this recipe and how to best feed it. The fish tear it up “raw”, but it make a big mess in a tank. But if you dry it out too much it is difficult for the fish to actually eat. Got to find a middle ground. One could make this and add gelatin, but I am trying to stay away from that right now. So here is what I am currently playing with.

1 Can Salmon

1 Cup Dried Earthworms run through a coffee grinder until a fine powder.

1 tsp Garlic 

Peas, Spinach or some other “Green”

Pretty much I ran everything in a food processor and then rolled it out on some cookie sheets. Then I place the cookie sheets in a low heat oven for about an hour. The food was not baked dry but more a crumble with some moisture content. It powdered up when I tried to cut it. Nice t hing is it is still soft enough to  crumble into the tanks. Some of the fine stuff still gets into the water but for the most part it feeds cleaner than the raw. I am feeding the smaller crumbled pieces to Juvies right now. The particles are heavy and go straight to the bottom but I find the fish follow it down. You will want to feed a little at a time and make sure it is mostly eaten before adding more. The fish do like this and will pig out to very round bellies.

Next batch I will add some spirulina and leave the chunks larger to be picked and nibbled at and see what difference it makes. The water does get funky fast with this as it probably is high protein. So feed this a few hours before a good water change. I have noticed good color on the fish and like how they are growing on it so will continue to play with it. Currently researching vitamin and minerals needed for good growth. I am posting this in the forum and invite open discussion on DIY foods others have tried.

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