Heat Pack Info

Sherolyn-Basement Bettas Some additional information I found on the web on heat packs.  20 hour UniHeat heat packs are great for airport to airport shipping where the transit time is less than 15 hours. 20 hour heat packs get the hottest of the 5 varieties.Popular with fish shipments since it takes more energy to heat water. 30 hour …

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Heat Packs and Shipping

Sherolyn-Basement Bettas When shipping in the colder winter months, shippers often will use a heat pack. Most people assume the heat pack will keep fish a nice and even temperature in the box during shipping. The reality is those heat packs get hot and peak at certain temps and last a fixed period of time. …

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Sherolyn-Basement Bettas Many people fine it odd that Bettas are shipped from buyer to seller and to and from shows. Because bettas are air breathers they actually are easier to ship than fish that get their oxygen from their water. As long as a few conditions are met, Bettas ship just fine and can be …

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Egg Yolk for Fry

Sherolyn-Basement Bettas Too make egg yolk easy to use all you need are an ice cube tray, one egg, and a mister from any cheep dollar store. 1 Hardboil and egg. 2 smash just the yolk in to two cups of water. 3 stir and poor into the icecube trays, freeze it. 4 take one ice cube and …

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Salmon Mix

Sherolyn-Basement Bettas I am playing around with a DIY recipe as I am not happy about the preservative I am finding in most fish foods on the market today. Many people that make DIY fish food use beef heart as a base. I have been doing some reading and have found that the beef heart …

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