Sherolyn-Basement Bettas There are as many ways to breed bettas as there are breeders. And the US tends to do them a little differently than the Thai breeders. Which way is right for you? Best thing to do is start with what ever is easiest for you and change as the need presents itself. …

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Keeping it Straight

Sherolyn-Basement Bettas After you do a few spawns and have fish and tanks everywhere, how does one go about keeping straight what is in where? How do we know what fish is from what spawn? The answer is dry erase markers. Everything from tanks to beanies and barracks, the dry erase markers go on, stay …

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All About Betta Fish Bubble Nests

These are not your typical tiny bubbles in the wine. Nor are the little opalescent orbs collecting on the surface of your betta’s tank a sign that you need to clean house. No, these little bubbles that can gather in large number are something that your betta has made. Made, no less, on purpose. These …

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