Sherolyn-Basement Bettas This article currently under construction.. please check back later. I will publish a link when it is complete. Barracks are usually a type of recirculating system. Instead of individual beanie type containers, a barrack is usually constructed of plexi and has individual cells to accommodate the fish. As water flows into the barracks it must …

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Betta Housing

  Sherolyn-Basement Bettas Where do I put all these fish?? Currently working on this article   ……….. So you have bred a pair of Bettas and have been working hard on water changes and feeding well. The fry are coming along very nicely. At about 10-12 weeks of age they are coloring up nice and …

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Types of Filters

Sherolyn-Basement Bettas All tanks need to go through something they call a cycle to become balanced and maintain a healthy environment for your fish. Fish will create waste, and as it breaks down it is converted to ammonia. Even a small amount of ammonia is toxic and will kill fish. So how does one get rid of ammonia? To …

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Will be adding some general info on filtration, but we have several nice article already done on more specialized topics so check them out..

The Fishroom

We are cyrrently working on this section. but check out some of the articles we already have complete by clicking the links below or in the navigation pane to the right.

Aquarium Driftwood

How To Make Your Own DIY Aquarium Driftwood

Driftwood is an important part of many aquatic ecosystems and offers food and protection for an abundance of water-, air-, and land-dwelling creatures. Many hobbyists like to bring these little slices of nature into their home aquariums to offer their fish and invertebrates the same natural benefits. However, introducing untreated wood and rocks into an …

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