Crock of Tea

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Sherolyn-Basement Bettas

tea potWhen I make IAL tea and use my regualar regular recipe in my stainless pot, boiling every day for a week leaves a stain on the pot that takes some work to scrub clean. If I could dedicate the pot to only IAL tea, it would be no problem. But I use the pot for other things, like food. To clean I have to actually simmer plain water in it for a day to loosen up some of the stuff that remains after a major scrubbing. So, in addition to the stainless pot, I crock potted some leaves as well.

The big plus to the crock pot was the water did not really evaporate so I did not have to keep topping it off. Every morning I turned it to low and let it go all day, turning it off when we left for the evening. There was also no big stain on the sides and clean up was much easier. I still added the salt and still used about 10 leaves as in the original way I made it. The mad scientist in me will eventually get so we have so many ounces of leaves in the brew to have a bit of consistency from batch to batch. We still poured the resulting tea into gallon water containers and kept it in the fridge. If you have a crock pot, it is definitely the way to go when you make your own Betta Tea.

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