Adding Minerals Back to RO

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Sherolyn-Basement Bettas

For many different reason, breeders will use Reverse Osmosis or RO with their fish. Reverse Osmosis will remove everything in your water and leave it pure. But raising fish in water that has no minerals is not good for them, and if you have plants they will suffer as well. I found, when I raised my fish in the pure RO or improperly mineralizsed Ro, I got rays that broke because they were unable to take the weight of the fins they supported. So you have to add back minerals to the water. This is my recipe for adding minerals back to your water.

Bettas are soft water fish. when most people hear that they think of the pH being low. But what they prefer is water with low gH values. With my recipe I have water that gives me a ph of 7-7.2, gH of about 4 and a kH value of about 6. I also add trace nutrients to have water that is provides everything for both the fish and plants. After a lot of research and trial and error I have found a recipe that gives me the water parameters I desire and all the nutrients to give good growth to fish and any plants I have in the tanks. If the new growth on my plants looks a bit yellow, I directly dose their tank with another capful of the CSM + B

I mix my Ro water into a 32 gallon trash can. To approximately 30 gallons of water I add the following.

This will give you these values

  • – Ph = 7.4
  • – gH = 3
  • – kH = 6
  • – TDS = 240

I have recently come to the conclusion that I would prefer a little more calcium in the water. This will affect the gH value. So the current tweak is now:

These ingredients will give me values of

  • – Ph = 7.0
  • – gH = 6-7
  • – kH = 5-6
  • – TDS = 340

I have recently obtained water used in shipping my fish from Thailand to the transshipper and have tested it. Most of the breeders I tested have much higher values or harder water, than most think. I have read that calcium is needed for fish to grow strong finnage and to be healthy. The only way to get this calcium is by diet or in their water. So far the tweaked recipe is giving me good results. You do have to watch your pH level and the kH value as betta finnage is sensitive to it and will curl. Important if you are trying for show quality Halfmoon and Crowntail finnage.

Feel free to ask any questions on our forum. 

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