Marineland 5 Gallon Portrait Aquarium Kit Review

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This 5 gallon fish tank from Marineland is the real deal! This is a highly reliable and overall great fish tank system for anybody wanting only the best for their betta fish! Once you get it home and set it up, you can tell that there was serious time and thought put into the whole package. This Portrait fish tank kit is an aquarium that you won’t end up feeling like you have to upgrade from, ever! Not only that, but this kit is a breeze to install. It will take you longer to decide which area of the room you want to place it than it will fussing over installation. And guaranteed, that place will become the new focal point!

Portrait aquarium SPECS
5 Gallon capacity
Thick curved glass tank and base
Hinged LED light for easy tank access
Elegant glass canopy slides to open
11.8 x 11.6 x 17 inches
12 pounds
Kit designed to promote fish health

Marineland aquariums are neato!
This is the type of foam filtration system that many people upgrade to when they purchase a fish tank kit.

This 17 inch tall, spacious 5 gallon aquarium kit is easily one of the most wished for kits on this website, and for good reason! You will notice right from the get-go that the construction quality of the aquarium itself is really top notch. Marineland is renowned for their quality fish tanks. Marineland’s 3-stage Bio-Foam filtration system is included in this aquarium kit. This is the type of foam filtration system that many people upgrade to when they purchase a fish tank kit. Most standard filtration systems included with aquarium kits are not meant for betta fish. This kit has betta fish covered. And to top it all off, this portrait fish tank just looks amazing! It really adds a bit of something interesting to an empty corner in your room. Oh, and your betta fishy will like it too!

What We Like betta than better!
The stunning, bright white light that the LED’s emit produce a shimmering effect that is amazing to watch.

The Marineland’s thick curved glass design is not only elegant, it makes tank maintenance easy and fast. The portrait design (it’s tall!) makes for a unique aquarium design. The vertical design of the aquarium makes it appear as if the capacity is much greater than 5 gallons. Living space in most rooms is taken up by furniture that is places horizontally. Things like couches and tables. The portrait aquarium is vertical and lets you and your betta fish experience a spacious 5 gallon aquarium with a much smaller area occupied. It’s sort of funny to say, but if you can stand in the area, you can fit this fish tank! A small feature of this aquarium that makes a surprising difference is that there are Min and Max water level lines. You learn to appreciate the little things like that when it comes time to change your betta’s aquarium water out. Also, this fish tank does not distort the appearance of the fish inside. There is nothing more irritating that looking at your betta, or trying to photograph your betta, and have him look like a softball. You don’t run into that problem with this tank!

The filter, oh the filter! Marineland’s hidden, 3-stage Bio-Foam filter is a dream come true to betta fish owners! The filter’s air pump even has an adjustable flow setting. That is really important for betta owners. Betta fish really can’t tolerate a strong current, and having an adjustable flow filter makes you better capable of keeping your fishy stress free. The hidden design of the aquarium filtration system means just that. It’s out of sight. Filtration systems for betta fish tanks are commonly ugly. This BioFoam filter setup is nice and tidy, both in appearance and in function. This filter system uses Rite-Size Z replaceable cartridges. (Looks like those are on a pretty decent sale right now fyi.) Your betta fish will thank you for using them, and replacing them when needed.

The stunning, bright white light that the LED’s emit produce a shimmering effect that is amazing to watch. It’s like watching the sun dancing on the sea floor. The energy efficient LED’s also shine a cool blue color that, when mixed with the white light, resembles a soothing moonlit glow. One of the most appealing features of the lighting system on this aquarium kit isn’t actually the light emitted, but rather the appearance of the fixture on the fish tank itself. Strange as it may sound to some, how the light is affixed is, and should be, taken into consideration when deciding on a new betta aquarium. Lighting fixtures for fish tanks can become really cumbersome to work around and unnecessarily frustrating. It is also easily removable, in case you were wondering. Some people like the look of the aquarium better without the LED light on top.

The lid on this portrait aquarium is a horizontal sliding canopy. Instead of having to lift the lid straight up or on a hinge, this aquarium lid slides back and forth. It really adds a nice touch to the overall appeal of this 5 gallon aquarium. Having it slide rather than lift means that you won’t be fighting the light fixture for space. Better than that, it makes feeding time easier and general aquarium maintenance much less of a hassle.

Could be betta?
Most aquarium kits on the market do not come with tank heaters as a standard feature. This kit is no different in that area.

Most aquarium kits on the market do not come with tank heaters as a standard feature. This kit is no different in that area. You really need to provide your betta fish with an aquarium heater, unless you live in an area that stays in the 78f-80f range all year long. That is doubtful, and betta’s need their tank heated to tropical conditions. Heaters for your betta’s fish tank are relatively inexpensive, and will provide your betta fishy with year round warmth.

If you want to have live plants in your aquarium, and this tank will be living in an already low light area of your home, you may want to purchase a light designed for live aquatic plants. The included LED lighting is brilliant at giving your aquarium a nice bit of light, but the LED design does not lend itself very well to overall aquatic plant health. While this is not something that is inherently wrong with the kit itself (especially considering the low price of the kit), more experienced aquarium keepers might want to know this from the beginning.

Some aquarium pumps can be obnoxiously loud. While this aquarium pump isn’t obnoxious, it is also not completely silent. Personally, I enjoy the hum of the aquarium’s filter pump and would think there may be something wrong if it wasn’t purring along. The purr of a fish tank filter pump is a great indicator that everything is running smoothly. Some betta parents dislike any noise. In trying to provide you with the most thorough and in-depth review of this portrait aquarium kit possible, I needed to let you know that the pump makes minor pump noises. No matter how trivial that sounds to me. It is virtually silent, but not completely.

Portrait aquarium setup notes
The whole aquarium installation can take as little as 15 minutes if you already kind of know your way around fish tanks. In case you are not experienced, expect installation to take about 30 minutes or so. In general, these aquarium install times are pretty darn quick!

When picking a spot to place this tall aquarium, find something that is sturdy and can hold more than 50lbs. The tank itself only weighs just over 15 pounds, but when you consider that you will be filling this up with water and aquarium accessories, it’s going to be heavy. So finding a solid, sturdy surface for this aquarium to live on is important.

Because of the vertical design of this portrait tank, you really only need a handful or two of gravel to cover the bottom. This is actually quite nice as there is less ground level surface area for debris to build up and pollute the fish tank.

When installing the heater for your betta fish, do not place it up against the back wall where the filtration system is. In the event that the water level in the fish tank runs low, the heater could damage the filter. Instead, and depending on the aquarium heaters design, place the heater alongside one of the other walls or in the middle of the fish tank.

One of the neat things about this fish tank kit is that the filter’s pump and the light have separate power cords. While this may seem like a hassle to some, it’s a awesome way to have your light on a timer and your pump run continuously at the same time. If the power to both were built in a circuit together, you couldn’t have this cool option.

After the water chemistry is established in the aquarium, the BioFilter will need to be replaced every 3 weeks to a month. That is, as long as you keep up with regular water changes as you are supposed to. Partial water changes of up to 50% should be preformed on this fish tank kit at least monthly. Along with the partial water changes, you should also vacuum the debris from within the gravel.

Marineland 5 Gallon Portrait Aquarium Kit Review
Marineland 5 Gallon Portrait Aquarium Kit
There’s a good chance that your betta will have a better house than you…

Now THIS is an aquarium kit!
From top to bottom, this aquarium kit will be something that your betta will stay happy and healthy in for a long time to come!

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