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Sherolyn-Basement Bettas

This was a post on my basement bettas face book page. I will be reworking this into an article in the near future and adding more articles like it so check back to this section later…

Too breed good bettas you HAVE to look hard at the females you choose. Personally, I want to see 8 rays of branching and not just in the middle rays. I’m now looking close to those first and last ones as they often will only branch to two o

r four rays when the other rays are the 8. For great males make sure the girls carry good branching on every ray.

This is one serious female. Look at that branching! Those rays look like brooms.. lol. And you will see the first and last rays also have a lot of branching. Now look at the dorsal and see the branching there. Got a nice level anal that ties in nice to the tail.. she is balanced. Now take in the outline looking for any dips, bumps of a sense of being short bodied.. not on this girl, she passes with flying colors.

I know you think I’m gonna race over and buy this beauty but I already have some of her siblings here. Else you would have me showing you my recent purchase.. lol

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