Point Standings

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Sherolyn-Basement Bettas

Current Point Standings for the 2012-2013 IBC Year end Awards  

There is one show left for the Fall season then we take a break to breed the fish. Shows will resume again in the Spring and Year end awards will be given out at Convention in June 2013.

Regular Classes

            Entrant              Total Division   
   Warren Young   
 Memorial Points 
     Show Year 
    Points Total    
Sieg & Judy Illig122064018601
John Leach108010011802
Patrick Henry7707703
Winston Limhengco7157154
Sherolyn Craig470805505
Stacy Deaton4954956
Yvonne Chaban375804557
Karen MacAuley2701804508
Richard Laughery2702709
Phil Dorr1057510510
Damian Garcia757511
Dick Houston757511
Lori Green555512
 Bobbi Walters 55  5512 
 Joanna Taylor 35  35 13
 Amin Rubirosa 10  10 14

Additional breakdown of the current points: 



New Breeder

        Entrant                 NB1      NB2      NB3     NB4    NB5      NB6    TOTAL     Rank   
Carlos Robledo III105  145 2501
Ashtin Buchanan85  105  1902
Kayla Griffin4070 15  651902
Rachel Hattig6030  60  1503
Chris Dobbs115    11504
 Katie Burns   30 5  40 5

Congratulations!! Lots of New Breeders this year. It is going to be a close race next Spring. Almost time to start breeding your future champions.

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