International Betta Congress

Mike McBrien

International Betta Congress

The IBC is a club of individuals, families, teams, and commercial breeders who support the keeping, breeding, and/or the showing of bettas bred by our members; the research into the genetics of the betta species, and support of the preservation of the wild species through the Species Maintenance Program.

It is IBC policy that members who sell, trade or give bettas to others must represent the description of such bettas in a proper manner, so as to assure that the buyers, consumers or recipients are not misled.An intentional misrepresentation would be a violation of the IBC policy and Code of Ethics. Moreover, it is the policy of the IBC, that when bettas are entered in a show, all such bettas should be raised and bred by the entrant or exhibitor unless clearly stated otherwise.Failure to comply with this policy would be contrary to the IBC Codeof Ethics.

The IBC does not participate in the fighting of fish for any reason and does not condone the fighting of bettas by others; nor does it support any individual or organization that does.

The IBC expects all members to conduct transactions with all parties in a responsible, fair and ethical manner, in all dealings concerning the purchase and sale of betta stock and supplies. While we hope that all disputes be amicably resolved among the parties, the Congress, however, is not an enforcement agency for the transaction of betta stock and/or supplies, nor can the IBC mediate disputes involving members or any individuals over said transactions. In the interest of fairness, the IBC does not endorse individual business enterprises, and does not allow the promotion of those enterprises in posts on the IBC website, its forums or discussion lists,whether they are personal testimonials or commercial advertisements.

For More information or to join the IBC please visit their website .

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