Deep Blue Bettastik Mini Submersible Heater Review

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While it’s generally presumed rude to second-guess the intentions of others, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that you are here to get a second opinion on whether the bettastik submersible heater is a worthy investment or not… am I close? If that’s the case, the quick and easy answer to that question is “yes”.

If you have an aquarium that is no larger than 2.5 gallons, the deep blue professional bettastik submersible heater is a solid choice out of the many different heaters available today. Warm, healthy and happy are all attributes we look to give our Betta Fishys. Choosing this heater will let you cross “warm” off that list and, in turn, will help promote the healthy and happy parts as well.

A Few Bettastik Features
Small size for a better fit in up to 2.5 gallon betta fish tanks.

Stays put where you place it. Won’t travel around the aquarium.

Can be discreetly hidden behind aquarium accessories.

Pre-programmed to reach tropical water temperatures.

Can be used in betta aquariums up to 2.5 gallons.

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So, why do we like the BettaStik?
One thing I really can’t stand with typical reviews you find today is that pretty much every one you read is “hard sell” and candy coated to make the given product seem more attractive than not. I don’t like that. I’m not going to do that. That being said, to tell you the honest truth, 19 out of 20 (yes, I’m guessing with that number) aquarium heaters on the market today are actually perfectly fine. Actually, there’s hardly an aquarium heater out there that isn’t really “bad”. When it comes right down to it, “they” have been designing and manufacturing aquarium heaters for betta fish and other tropical fish for quite some time and have had long enough to work out most of the kinks in most common designs. Saying that one aquarium heater is better than another tends to fall on personal opinion and preference. This bettastik tank heater is no exception.

Out of all of my years’ experience raising betta fish, my “personal opinion” as far as aquarium heaters are concerned, is that it really falls down to reliability. That is, “is this aquarium heater going to malfunction sooner rather than later”. Reliability is something that those 19 out of 20 tank heaters do not all have in common. The reason why this website is choosing to feature this particular aquarium heater is for that reason. Reliability.

Yes, if you have a 2.5 gallon aquarium (this website doesn’t recommend you house a betta fish in anything less than 2.5 gallons) the bettastik will be able to heat that aquarium to the temperature range recommended for betta fish. The Goldilocks temperature zone for betta fish is between 78°F and 80°F. The bettastik can deliver on that. Once again, if you have an aquarium that is no larger than 2.5 gallons.

But back on the “reliability” thing. Out of countless aquarium heaters I have used, I don’t think I have ever had an issue with the bettastik aquarium heater. Things you look out for in a malfunctioning or otherwise “on its way out” aquarium heater are things like temperature fluctuations and intermittent heating. Of course, outright failure would also be something else you would look for. I have not personally had, or heard of other people having, those kind of issues with this tank heater. In fact, the only time I heard of this heater actually malfunctioning before is when someone accidentally left their bettastik plugged in while it was out of water. “Out of water” meaning that the bettastik was not submerged, but instead completely dry while it was heating. That’s not a good thing to do with any aquarium heater. You might want to remember that.

Sticking to the Bettastik?
The bettastik for what it is, is like was said before, a very solid aquarium heater. Taking into consideration what it is, a “preset” heater and the fact that it was designed for aquariums no larger than 2.5 gallons, it’s kind of hard to find fault with anything. That’s because if you use it as it’s intended, it does the job!

If I were really forced at gunpoint to find something to complain about with this heater, I suppose that I would argue that the power cord is a little bit shorter than I would want it to be. The power cord for the bettastik is 3 feet long. 3 feet is still a pretty good length in general. The reason why that’s not exactly a huge complaint with me is that manufacturers design these kind of products with the idea that the consumer already owns the “perfect length” extension cord for their needs. And in that case, most do. Arguing extension cord length is sort of trivial in this author’s opinion. But, this section is for complaints no matter how trivial.

Color selection. I’m having a hard time finding anything else to complain about so, why not color selection. You can see I’m really stretching for ideas here. Honestly it’s a good little heater. For someone new to aquariums and how to properly heat them, buying an aquarium heater can be a daunting process. The selection out there is gigantic and overwhelming. If you have an aquarium that is no larger than 2.5 gallons, there’s nothing to complain about with this heater and it would be a safe bet to pick this one up.

Okay, that’s it. I have to leave this section. It’s irritating me. If I don’t leave this section, I will just continue to rant and rave about trivial complaints that will ultimately just end up confusing, if not scaring you. And I bet your reading this far has already done at least one of those things to you. Bottom line, this is a good heater. For 2.5 gallon aquarium. No larger.

All things considered
You have a betta fish or are thinking about getting one. Somewhere along the line you found out that they require tropical temperatures in their aquarium. That led you to investigate aquarium heaters. As luck would have it, you also have an aquarium that is no larger than 2.5 gallons. If this sounds like you, this is your heater and your search can be over if you want it to be.

Your questions helping others!

Can I use this in a 10 gallon aquarium?

Technically, yes you can… But you really don’t want to. This particular aquarium heater by deep blue is rated at 7.5 W. If you take a heater rated at 7.5 W and inserted into an aquarium that’s 10 gallons, you will get a temperature increase, but not large enough to actually make a difference. You really want to stick to an aquarium that’s no larger than 2.5 gallons. If you find that you live in a already warmer climate and just want to increase the aquarium’s temperature by a degree or two, you might be able to achieve that in a 5 gallon aquarium with this heater, but even for that scenario you may be better off getting a heater with a higher wattage.

Can I use this heater under the gravel?

The bettastik submersible heater was designed specifically to be mounted on the side wall of your aquarium in a vertical position. I would highly recommend you stick to sticking it on the aquarium wall rather than hiding it underneath gravel. Believe it or not, they do make aquarium heaters that can be placed underneath the substrate in the aquarium. If heating your aquarium from the bottom underneath the substrate is really what you want to accomplish, you might take a look at the slimline heater. That heater was made for that purpose. For this one though, you should simply stick it to the wall as intended.

If the ambient room temperature is in the mid 80° range, should I leave the heater plugged in?

No. If you are in fact using this heater for the purpose of heating and aquarium with a betta fish in it, it’s important to remember that betta fish like their water temperature ideally between 78° and 80°F. If you find that the ambient room temperature in the room that your betta’s aquarium sits in is anything higher than 80°, you should really think about unplugging that heater in the aquarium. The bettastik aquarium heater is a preset heater, meaning that there is no adjustable thermostat. When you plug the submersible heater in to a wall outlet, the heater stays “on”. The heater will continue to heat until the preset internal temperature setting is achieved. In the case of this heater, that temperature is typically around 78°.

Do I need to buy a hanging attachment?

No. The bettastik comes complete with a magical device called a suction cup. The suction cup borrows technology from creatures like octopuses and allows the heater to remain in place up against the side of an aquarium wall as if by magic. If I were you, I would purchase this device just to see the magical properties of a “suction cup”. Amazing technology nowadays…

What is the total length of the bettastik?

Depending on where you measure to and from on this particular submersible heater, it measures in between four and 5 inches in length. If you don’t happen to have a ruler or measuring tape handy (like I just so happen to apparently), a CD is almost 5 inches across. If you don’t happen to have a CD nearby, a DVD is almost 5 inches across as well. If you don’t happen to have a DVD nearby, some bananas are about 5 inches long. Banana for scale is important.

How long is the bettastik’s power cord?

The power cord for this aquarium heater is 36 inches in length. That is 3 feet total.

Can I use the bettastik in a 1 gallon aquarium?

Yes, but not very safely. It is the general recommendation of this website to suggest to you that you house your betta fish in an aquarium no smaller than 2.5 gallons. We realize that not everyone can do this though, so answering this question is important. The submersible heater is intended for use in aquariums up to 2.5 gallons. One of the problems that you will run into if you have an aquarium smaller than 2.5 gallons is that it is extremely difficult to heat a smaller aquarium evenly. Temperature fluctuations in smaller size aquariums with heaters in use can vary widely. You might want to consider taking the money you intend to spend on this heater and instead put it towards purchasing a larger aquarium. Just a suggestion, no judgment.

Can I use this aquarium heater in a half gallon tank?

Technically yes, but you would be putting your betta fish in danger. The technically yes part is that it won’t cause any damage to the heating element or the tank, but the living creatures inside may suffer because of it. Please consider upgrading your betta’s home to a 2.5 gallon or larger aquarium.

Can I use this aquarium heater in a 1.5 gallon tank?

Yes, yes you can. This website recommends you house your betta fish in an aquarium that is at least 2.5 gallons, but this heater will work in a 1.5 gallon fish tank.

Can I use this heater in a subdivided aquarium? An aquarium with dividers?

That answer is trickier. Yes and no. Honestly, it really depends on the size and shape of the aquarium in question. Mind you, this heater is rated at up to 2.5 gallons. If the total capacity of your subdivided aquarium is larger than 2.5 gallons, the answer would be a no. Let’s say for example that you have a 5 gallon aquarium that has a divider right in the middle of it housing two separate betta fish. In that case, you may decide to purchase two of these heaters, one for each compartment. Each compartment of a 5 gallon aquarium divided into two would be 2.5 gallons. A heater for each 2.5 gallon compartment in the overall 5 gallon aquarium capacity. If your aquarium is 10 gallons total and divided in half, two heaters would not be enough.

Do you fully submerge this heater in water?

Yes. The bettastik is a fully submersible aquarium heater. It is designed and made to be “fully submersible”.

How deep should I place this heater in the aquarium?

Completely. This heater is made to be fully submersible for a reason. It is air and watertight. What you certainly do not want to do is let any part of the canister become exposed for prolonged periods of time in use to air. Malfunction could occur in that instance. “Malfunction” in a wet environment having electricity involved is never a good thing. Fully submerge your bettastik.

Can I use this heater in a plastic or acrylic fish tank?

Yes. You most certainly can use the bettastik in a plastic and/or acrylic betta aquarium. Glass aquariums are fine as well.

Does this heater turn off automatically?

Kind of. Probably not in the sense that you’re talking about though. When this aquarium heater is plugged into a wall outlet, it is “on” until you unplug it. It will continue heating your aquarium while plugged in until it reaches what a 7.5 water heater can heat to. In most cases that is between 76° and 78°F. This also depends on the capacity of the aquarium you’re trying to heat.

Is this a good “winter time” heater for my 2.5 gallon aquarium?

This is a good “anytime” heater for your 2.5 gallon aquarium. If it gets cold where you live during the winter, this is a very good heater for your 2.5 gallon aquarium.

How can you tell that the bettastik is working?

If you stick your finger in your aquarium and the water is warmer than the ambient room temperature, it’s probably working. Sadly, there is no indicator of any type on this aquarium heater letting you know that it is “on” or not. Most aquarium heaters in fact do not have any sort of indicator letting you know this. So, this is not unusual. Basically, when you plug in the bettastik to an outlet, it will start getting warm immediately. You want to make sure that this heater is fully submerged in water when it’s plugged into the outlet. If it’s not, your heater may malfunction. So please, only test your heater while it’s submerged.

Can I use this heater in a hooded aquarium?

Absolutely. I have yet to find an aquarium meant for use with housing fish in mind that does not have a notch of some sort that allows an aquarium heaters cord to pass through. I’m sure they do exist, but every hooded aquarium I have ever seen allows for aquarium heaters to be used at the same time as the aquarium’s hood.

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