can betta fish hear your voice

Can Betta Fish Hear Your Voice? All You Need To Know!

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Pet owners love connecting with their pets, no matter what kind of animal they are. If you’re a betta owner, you may be wondering if your betta fish can hear your voice and how well can they hear.

If they can hear you, can they also recognize your voice from others? It turns out they can!

Betta Fish Hearing

Betta fish do not have ears like other animals, but instead have small holes on the sides of their heads that contain a hearing structure inside.

They use nerve hairs called cilia on their bodies to feel vibrations caused by sound waves, which then allows them to “hear” sounds.

The definitive answer is that they can hear you. They use their hearing abilities to stay safe from predators around them.

Betta fish are very intelligent fish. They tend to associate sounds with actions. If you talk to your betta when you feed them, they will relate your voice with the action of being fed, especially if you use specific words.

For example, if you always say your betta’s name “Steve” while they are being fed, they may eventually begin to link their name to the action of feeding.

Do Bettas Recognize Your Voice?

It is believed that bettas can identify their owners by sight, but this could be your fish associating you with a specific interaction and not specifically your voice.

Over time, however, your betta can learn to recognize you through hearing, sight, and experiences.

How Can You Help Your Betta Recognize You?

You want to have a special bond with your pet fish as their owner, but how can you make it easier for your beloved fish to recognize you? Here are a few tips:

  • Visit Your Betta Often: Visiting your betta fish tank often can help them to recognize your face over others.
  • Talk to Your Fish: Talk to your betta when you feed them or when you clean their tank. Bettas are very curious and interactive fish.
  • Training: Training your betta can be good for its health and ward off boredom. This interaction is a simple way for your fish to begin to recognize you.

What Are the Best Ways to Bond With Your Betta?

Giving your fish a name and talking to them is great for bonding with them. Fish also need interaction and companionship like other pets.

Do Betta Fish Recognize Their Name?

Although betta fish can relate sounds to actions, they do not respond to their names specifically.

Fish are not like other pets in that they don’t respond to their names or particular commands. They will react to your voice physically, however, by swimming near the glass when you’re nearby, swimming to the surface when you lift the lid, etc.

Betta Fish and Noise

Betta fish, like almost all aquarium fish, do not like loud noises. It is best to keep your betta tank away from TVs or other sources of loud noise. They do best in a relaxed, quiet environment.

Fish do not prefer these loud noises because it prevents them from being able to detect predators.

Most importantly, do not tap on the tank glass. Tapping on the glass scares the fish and causes anxiety. It will make them afraid to come near the glass. The best way to get your fish’s attention is to snap your fingers above the tank.

Does Talking To Your Fish Scare Them?

can betta fish hear your voice

Sound waves do not travel very fast from air to water, so when you talk to your fish, the sound is typically muted so it doesn’t scare them.

Do Betta Fish Like Being Talked To?

There isn’t an absolute answer to this question. Some believe that betta fish enjoy the sound of someone speaking and others believe that they might not care one way or another.

The best way to figure out if your betta enjoys your voice is to view their behavior. If they seem to behave calmly when you’re talking, they likely enjoy the sound of your voice.

If they don’t seem to react whether you are talking or not, then they are likely indifferent. If your betta seems stressed when you talk to them, it may be best to change your approach and speak in a lower tone.

How Can You Tell If Your Fish Loves You?

Love can be difficult to measure for a fish or animal, but there are physical ways to determine if your pet fish is happy and healthy. These include:

  • Swimming calmly around the tank and not hiding when you’re nearby.
  • Vibrant-colored scales are an indication of overall health.
  • They are open to exploring their surroundings.
  • Normal breathing. Gasping for air at the surface is a sign of stress.
  • Eating regularly. Refusing to eat is a symptom of distress.

Can Bettas Learn Tricks?

As previously mentioned, betta fish are very intelligent so it’s no surprise that they can be taught several tricks. Training your betta can be rewarding for both you and your fish.

How To Teach Your Betta Fish Tricks

Before beginning training, it’s best to take a few simple steps.

1. Get Familiar With Your Fish

It’s best to first get your betta to be able to recognize you. The best way to do this is to spend time near the tank. As they become more familiar with you, they will begin to react to you.

2. Give Them Treats

As previously stated, bettas will learn to associate the words you use when feeding them with the action. This can also be used to train them with betta treats.

3. Health

Happy and healthy fish will be easier to train. If your fish is active and healthy and you have a good bond, training will be more enjoyable for them.

Tricks To Teach Your Betta

Although training takes patience, there are a couple of simple tricks you can teach your betta.

  • Follow: You can teach your betta to follow your finger around the tank. Get your fish’s attention and move your finger along the tank. If they follow, give them a treat immediately. You can also associate a word with the action.
  • Jump: Betta fish excel at jumping and it is a common behavior. This command can be taught with a feed stick. Start by feeding your betta underwater with the feed stick. As they get used to it you can move it further out of the water. You can also use a command word.


So, can betta fish hear you? The answer is yes. Betta fish can hear, even outside of their tank!

Betta fish are very intelligent and there is a good chance they will recognize your voice over time, if you interact with them daily. So, next time you talk to your betta, remember that they can hear you.

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