“Dragons’’ – A new era in the world of ‘‘bling-bling’’ bettas!

  Sherolyn-Basement Bettas For the past several years, both authors have extensively worked on metallics in their breeding programs. Their experiences and thoughts on the metallic trait were written down in several articles (“Copper gold” (2003)[1]; “Metallics and Masks” (2005) [2]; “Understanding metallic genetics” (2006) [3]). Both authors decided to team up in order to share their thoughts and …

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How To Euthanize A Betta Fish, Simple Easy Techniques

Is your betta fish very sick to the extent that you feel that it is suffering? Keeping fish in an aquarium in your home or office is an exciting venture. You get used to caring for your fish to the extent that you are bonded to it. When your fish falls sick, the first course of action …

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How To Cure Bored Betta Fish Blues

Although it probably has only been a few weeks since that “love at first sight” moment at the pet store, you can probably tell by the look in your betta fish’s eye that the honeymoon stage is quickly coming to a close. Now that your betta has successfully claimed all of the new territory inside …

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Judges Eye

Sherolyn-Basement Bettas This was a post on my basement bettas face book page. I will be reworking this into an article in the near future and adding more articles like it so check back to this section later… Too breed good bettas you HAVE to look hard at the females you choose. Personally, I want …

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Upcoming Shows

Mike McBrien 2013 With the New Year starting the Spring show season is just around the corner. So far this is the schedule: March 30-31 ~  SCUBA / show chair Kayla Griffin / Midlothian, Texas April 13 ~ open April 27-28 ~ SCUBA / Gerald Griffin / Midlothian, Texas May 11 ~  May 25 ~ MIDWEST BETTA CLUB (MBC) / …

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Show Results

Sherolyn-Basement Bettas 2012-2013 Season Fall 2012 California Betta Society 09/01/2012  SCUBA 09/15/2012  Connecticut Betta Club 09/28/2012   SCUBA 10/27/2012  Spring 2013

Point Standings

Sherolyn-Basement Bettas Current Point Standings for the 2012-2013 IBC Year end Awards   There is one show left for the Fall season then we take a break to breed the fish. Shows will resume again in the Spring and Year end awards will be given out at Convention in June 2013. Regular Classes     …

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Videos of Shows

Sherolyn-Basement Bettas SCUBA Show Sept 14-15 with the FOTAS Convention Spring Show 2012

Your First Show

Mike McBrien So, the first show of the season is a few weeks away and you have been looking at your young bettas and thinking they turned out real nice. And the thought of entering them in a show sounds fun and exciting. But you are new to the hobby, so how do you get …

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Showing Bettas

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