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Betta Revive Review: Fight Different Infections In Your Aquarium

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Hikari Betta Revive is a popular product used by aquarium keepers to quickly and carefully treat sick betta fish. 
This product is advertised as being able to rapidly treat protozoan, bacterial, and fungal disease conditions within 3-7 days, but is it worth your money and the chance of losing your betta fish?
Keep reading to find out if Hikari Betta Revive will treat your fish and exactly how it works to get your betta feeling better in little to no time!

What is Hikari Betta Revive? 

Hikari Betta Revive is a general medication used to quickly treat a variety of diseases and illnesses and help regenerate damaged fins within as little as a week. 
Betta Revive is also said to help prevent such conditions from happening in the first place, but it’s usually not recommended to blindly treat a tank with chemicals. This product is specifically designed for betta fish and won’t negatively affect them as long as it is dosed 1 drop for every 16 ounces of water. 
But exactly what does this medication treat, and how do you know it’s the right treatment for your fish?


To understand how Hikari Betta Revive works, we need to look at what you’ll treat your fish with when using this product.

These are the ingredients listed on the packaging: 

  • Water
  • Neomycin sulfate (<10%) – an antibiotic especially helpful in treating external infections.
  • Methylene blue (<0.5%) – a very safe medication usually used to treat parasitic and fungal diseases; Methylene blue is widely used when dealing with sensitive eggs and can be tolerated by some invertebrates. 
  • Proprietary polymer mixture
  • Buffers
  • EDTA 
  • Malachite green chloride (<0.01%) – an antimicrobial that helps sick fish fight against protozoa, bacteria, and fungus. 
  • Cyanocobalamin – a synthesized B12 vitamin. 
  • Electrolytes

Water, Proprietary polymer mixtures, Buffers, EDTA, and Electrolytes are soluble solutions and additives used to help combat common betta fish diseases.

It should be noted that some hobbyists like more organic ingredients, though Neomycin sulfate, Methylene blue, and Malachite green chloride have been used many times with great success.

You can purchase Hikari Betta Revive online here.

What does Hikari Betta Revive treat?

Now that we know what Hikari Betta Revive is made out of, we can better understand how it helps keep our fish happy and healthy. In general, this medication is used when the infection is mild, and the overall diagnosis is not known. Many hobbyists like to use Hikari Betta Revive for dropsy, popeye, and fungal fish diseases, like fin rot. 

For the most part, dosing Hikari Betta Revive while also keeping excellent water quality can lead to a quick recovery. However, this product is known to stain clean water blue and cause fish to stop eating after the first dosage. Luckily, you can treat the coloring with daily water changes after the course of treatment has been completed.

Unfortunately, your fish can have negative reactions to being treated with any medication. This might be because the infection is worse than you originally thought, and conditions are quickly deteriorating.

This could also just be a coincidence where other conditions, like water parameters, are not working well with the medication. But, in general, there is no reason to worry about ill effects if treating your fish tanks correctly with any kind of medication. 

If you’re facing a fish emergency, it’s usually best to go with more concentrated medications that contain only Neomycin sulfate, Methylene blue, or Malachite green chloride separately. 

What Hikari Betta Revive is not

While this product might seem like a cure-all, there is rarely ever such a thing in the aquarium hobby. This product contains small concentrations of general medicines and shouldn’t be used as the only treatment for serious cases; if you suspect that your fish is starting to become sick, that would be the time to use Hikari Betta Revive. 
You should also note that this product is suggested as a preventative measure for such illnesses. Keep in mind that it is never a good idea to treat an aquarium for unknown problems!
In the long run, blindly dosing can affect bacteria populations and overall water conditions, leaving your fish more susceptible to problems than before. So instead, only treat when something seems wrong.


Hikari Betta Revive has helped many betta fishkeepers fight mild infections over the years. It is especially useful for dropsy, popeye, and fin rot but can also be administered when symptoms of unknown diseases and illnesses first appear.
This product is not designed to tackle more serious cases of known illnesses, and you should treat those situations more aggressively with concentrated medications.
If you have any questions about Hikari Betta Revive, other betta medications, or have had experience using this product in your own aquarium, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below! 

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