Sherolyn for IBC President

Moving your IBC to
new heights

I want the IBC to rise to it's true potential.
My platform outlines many of the changes I would like to see, but I want to hear from you. Take the poll below and help be the change.

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Helping New Breeders

To get new members breeding quality fish, the IBC currently has in place the Betta Pals program. The idea is by offering a pair of fish that will produce show quality offspring, people will be interested and involved with showing. What we have seen is people with their hands out just to get free fish, some of them even offered for sale on EBay, and never an intention to raise quality fish let alone show. I think it is time to invest in those that are really interested in breeding by starting a mentoring program.

Our public face

For four years we have had a "web site issue". Though some progress is being made, it is time to get that site created and be accountable to the members for what has been promised. Currently, files and needed information are in different areas, so several login/passwords are required. This needs changed immediately.

Clubs and Shows

We have seen a decline. Membership has dropped, local clubs have closed their doors and the hosting of shows and participation in showing bettas is less then just a few years ago. We need to invest time and support at the local level to give people fellowship and the ability to get involved. With greater local involvement we should see more shows and more people showing.

Your Opinion Matters

It takes more than being in charge to be a leader. To be a good leader one must be able to manage people and ideas. The best quality this leader can posses is the ability to listen, even to those that disagree with them, and use the information and ideas to improve the organization.

Color Conservation

There has been recent talk of today's bettas not having the deep vibrant colors they had 10-20 years ago. Although the genes have not been lost, the feeling is we have lost about 30% of the color compared to the  past. The IBC recognizes a need for Color Conservation, but has not yet determined a way to proceed. I would like to suggest a certification for breeders that consistently breed and produce fish the colors felt endangered.

Five Year Plan

Though the office of President is a two year appointment, it is important to be forward thinking enough to lay ground work for future success. A five year plan ensures the continued progression of the organization towards the goals it desires to accomplish.